A Great selection of GAMES, SONGS, PUZZLES, and much more for the ESL classroom & your INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD this Halloween.

See if your young students know the names of the monsters as they appear.  Then you can play RUN & TOUCH or STICKY BALL games.

A scarier version with more ghouls and monsters for older children.  Elicit or teach the vocabulary first.

TRACE RACE.  Get 2 of your students to come to your interactive whiteboard and trace the images in a race against each other.

This SPOT THE DIFFERENCE game allows two teams to race each other to find and circle the differences the fastest.

Here there is a MAZE RACE, amazing mazes for racing on your interactive whiteboard.

DOT TO DOT with a series 2 images for your students to race each other.

Link the VOCABULARY to the picture and then play a Halloween version of KIM´S GAME. What is missing from each round of pictures?
Click here for more KIM´S GAMES.

First go through the vocabulary and learn how to spell the words.  Then play a fun game of RUN & WRITE with your students.
Click here for more RUN & WRITE games.

Click here for more CIRCLE THE WORD games.

Six levels of difficulty for your students to attempt. There is a series of VOCABULARY GAMES & CLASS COMPETITIONS.  Lots of fun for your Halloween classes.

A series of the best children´s Halloween songs from YOUTUBE all linked here.

A short adaptation of a DARK DARK SCHOOL.


What do you know about the HISTORY of Halloween.  What are it´s origins?  Find out here.

Scroll around this visual explanation of the origins of Halloween.  Find out the origins of Jack-O-Lanterns and much more.

Some of the scariest movie monsters portrayed with video clips for each.  Great for proficiency  Halloween classes.

A look AROUND THE WORLD at different Halloween customs.