Hi, my name is Pawl English.  I´m originally from Nottingham in England but currently I work and teach in the Barcelona region.  An English teacher who likes designing.

I also design websites and take photos.

This site came into being after being ask to give a seminar on Prezi presentations. Being something new, I jumped at the chance.  I like the way they work and am currently using many of these Prezis in my classes.  You should treat each Prezi as a flexible classroom aid.  Use all of it or part of it and go back and forth as you like.  They should be used together with your lessons, to enhance your student´s experience.

It´s a very good idea to pre-load any Prezi before your classes as they rely on a internet connection.   Also please be patient, some of these Prezis are very big and take some seconds to fully load.
preziinstructions I prefer to use the second option as it opens the Prezi independently.  There is also a slideshow option which lets the Prezi play through by itself, this function can be interrupted at any time by the user and is a very useful tool.

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