A huge range of movie genres.  Do you know all of these types of movies?
For teachers, go through them with your students and then you can play a GAME where your students can either write or call out the genres as they appear.

What is a genre?  A clear concise prezi with the definition of genre and the most common synonyms.

A great way to teach and elicit a great deal of movie vocabulary.  Then play a game of circle the word with your students, a lot of fun and quite difficult for FCE students.

Do you always enjoy your trips to the cinema or do you sometimes get annoyed with other cinemagoers making noise, using their phones and arriving late?  Get your students to create a Code of Conduct for the cinema and then compare it with this one from

From the great BBC Radio 5 Live movie podcast Kermode and Mayo´s Film Review.

Read and choose or not to watch the videos about some of the best scary movie monsters. then complete a quiz with them which relates to the information from the tales.